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Specialty Trim & Awning has been locally owned since 1947. Owners Jerry and Debbie Margrave bought the business in 1979. Jerry’s story is literally one of working from the ground up. Jerry has been with Specialty Trim & Awning since 1968. After school, he would walk from Bakersfield High to Specialty Trim & Awning on 631 California Ave every day. He started out sweeping the floors and eventually worked his way to the top. Today, as president of the company, Jerry oversees each and every job from start to finish.

For over 50 years, we have built a reputation for taking care of our customers needs while always maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. Specialty Trim & Awning manufactures custom canvas awnings and does industrial sewing and fabrication from our newly remodeled and expanded facility that now encompasses over 20,000 square feet.

In 2001 Specialty Trim & Awning received an extreme makeover. Included in the new look is a beautiful new showroom, offices, and additional sewing and warehouse space. Specialty Trim & Awning received a Beautiful Bakersfield Award for this Commercial Remodel. In 2019, we expanded to a second location in the heart of downtown.

We are proud to announce that in 2002 Jerry completed an extensive project for his certification as Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC). After the project was completed, a written and an oral exam were held in North Carolina. The MFC certification recognizes individuals in the awning and canopy industry who have hands–on skills, knowledge and experience in manufacturing specialty fabric products. MFC is the highest certification that professionals can receive. This is a very prestigious honor, since the program was implemented 25 years ago and yet there are only 220 certified Master Fabric Craftsman in the world!

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